To the citizens of Blue Grass, I would like to first thank you for electing me as your new Mayor.  I look forward in serving this community and being a voice of the people.  It is a privilege and an honor to be your Mayor.  I will be a strong voice of the people knowing during this time, I will not make everyone happy, but what I will do is listen to your ideas and concerns and share with you the thinking behind the decisions made by the City Council in hopes for a better understanding that things being done are for all of Blue Grass to continue to make Blue Grass a better place to live.

I look forward to working with the City Council, to assist the City to move forward.  There will challenges ahead for all of us to work through and that is why I use the acronym "TEAM" - Together Everyone Achieves More!  Playing many years of sports, being a Police Officer for 25 years and being a School Board President as well as a Father and a Husband, I have learned working together does not have an "I" in TEAM.  Working together as a TEAM, we can assist in brain storming, bouncing ideas off one another and most of all, work together for the good of all of Blue Grass.

There are several major projects in the works with the City, the biggest is the North Mississippi Rehabilitation Project, that project along with other City needs will be worked through and dealt with in  the best interest for all of the citizens.  My goals are to create Economic Development as this is an assured way to create stable tax growth and move forward to meet the City's needs.  Taking the City of Blue Grass to a more stable financial future also means we need to develop a Comprehensive Land Use Plan that can assist in Economic Development and business growth.  As your Mayor, re-establishing the cities "Chamber of Commerce" to assist current businesses and create future businesses to come to our community as this will create both jobs and create a better relationship with the City, plus create City growth.

In looking at the goals and needs for the City, we need to develop and establish both short and long term goals (1 year, 5 year and 10 year) so we stay on top of the City's needs.

My biggest ambition is to take a serious look at developing a "West Scott County School System" that would join Blue Grass, Buffalo and Walcott and the surrounding subdivisions into developing its own School District.  This would allow the children and families to create their own identity that takes them from Kindergarten through their High School years.  This can only happen with a joint effort with the involved communities and citizens.

I look forward in working with the members of the City Staff, the City Council and members of this community - we must take steps to move forward TOGETHER.

Sincerely, Mayor Tim Brandenburg