Citizens of Blue Grass and those looking for a place to call home and raise a family, consider moving to “Blue Grass, Iowa”.  We are located between the Mississippi River and I -80 as well as Davenport and Muscatine.  I would call “Blue Grass” a true bedroom community offering its community and guest all the essentials from the local grocer, restaurant, banking, Elementary school, hardware & lumberyard, medical as well as dental care and more.

   For the past 2 ½ years serving as your Mayor, I have been busy looking at ways we can improve our community, making sure the essential services have the training, certifications and equipment to provide the best.   I’ve seen a growth in our residential construction, some new businesses and potential for more to come which is a must to assist in creating a stable tax base for handling the ever-growing cost to operate the City.

   With looking towards the future, I am proud to be a part of bringing Iowa American Water Company to the community (IAWC).  IAWC will be able to bring our system to a more modern state providing a great water source as well as assisting our Fire Department by upgrading adequate water supply to fight a fire if the need were to arise.  We have also acquired additional property to assist in addressing Iowa Department of Natural Resources new regulations to our wastewater as well as a more efficient way to process the wastewater.

  This coming year will bring more changes as the City is in the process of upgrading the Mayne Street corridor with an asphalt overlay and are in the process of preparing for a major upgrade to North Mississippi Street which will include the paving of a concrete street, curb and gutters, sidewalks and a paved shoulder starting at Mayne Street running North to Laurette Street, getting rid of the gravel, providing better water control as well a much needed upgrade to the sewer lines.

  Citizens should be proud of their community, as I most certainly am! 

 Sincerely, Mayor Tim Brandenburg