Blue Grass, IA Police Department

606 West Mayne Street Blue Grass, IA 52726

Emergency & Non Emergency: 911

Office/Answering Machine: (563) 381-1485 Fax: (563) 381-2157 



On behalf of all of us at the Blue Grass Police Department, I would like to personally welcome you to our department's official website. It's our hope that this site will be informative and provide you with greater access and understanding of the functions of the Blue Grass Police Department.

We are always working to update our web page with current information that all members of the community will find helpful and important regarding the functions of the Blue Grass Police. Our web site is just one way of showing you the sense of pride, professionalism, and dedication that the members of this department strive to achieve every day.

It's our belief that while the Blue Grass Police Department’s mission was built upon the foundation of “to serve and protect” the public, we understand it's also our obligation to keep you informed of the various changes occurring within our Department, and the people and issues that affect law enforcement in Iowa.

Due to the nature of the job, police officers must often perform tasks or duties which may be perceived as negative or unpopular. Our officers perform these duties fairly, impartially, honestly, and with a positive attitude. This approach has been rewarded by consistently having one of the lowest overall crime rates in the State as well as being one of the cleanest cities. The efforts of our officers are complemented by the assistance of the citizens of Blue Grass, who are very cooperative and proud of the clean and safe environment which they have come to expect and enjoy.

The members of the Blue Grass Police Department realize that our greatest asset is our personnel and our greatest strength is our partnership with the community. This website is prepared with those sentiments in mind, always working to better serve, and provide safety and service for everyone who lives, works, or visits the City of Blue Grass, Iowa. Your thoughts, comments and observations are not only welcome, but also are very important to us. Thanks for viewing our web page and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Yours in Service,


Garrett Jahns

Chief of Police


Vision Statement:

"To provide a first class service,
and a safe, secure community for the citizens of Blue Grass"   

Police Department Services

We are dispatched through the Scott Emergency Communications Center in Davenport. If you need an officer to respond for any reason we ask that you call 911. If you are willing to wait for an officer to call you back, you can leave a message at the phone number listed above.

When a Blue Grass Officer is not on duty, the Scott County Sheriff’s Department is dispatched to the call. Our office is a sub-station for the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, where they can complete and transmit their reports as well.

The Blue Grass Police Department is here to serve and protect our citizens and to assist other agencies whenever needed.

In additon to enforcing local and state laws, we provide house watches for when our citizens are on vacation or on an extended leave, and we provide fingerprint services free of charge.  


Our Mission:

We the Employees of the Blue Grass Police Department commit to providing all individuals a safe environment using innovative techniques and resources while being sensitive to the needs of our community.

We will respond in a timely manner with respect, dignity and compassion when called upon. 

We will make all decisions based on the highest ethical and moral standards and we will accept responsibility for our actions.

We will work proactively with the citizens of our community while providing effective leadership while ensuring quality services.

We as professionals view our responsibilities to our community as a covenant of public trust.

Your Blue Grass Police Officers:


Police Chief Garrett Jahns: 

Chief Jahns is a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran. Although he was born and raised in Davenport, he came to us from the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona where he served as a Deputy for over 6 years. Chief Jahns has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

In Arizona, Chief Jahns served as: a field training officer, traffic RADAR instructor, a general instructor for Arizona criminal law, an instructor at the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Academy, a dive team search and recovery team member, the agency coordinator for the DUI Task Force and he is one of the founding members of the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant while working there and he brings all of this to the Blue Grass Police Department.

Chief Jahns has an enormous amount of training and experience with investigations ranging from basic and advanced traffic enforcement investigations, to heinous crime investigations.

Chief Jahns supervises the patrol officers at the police Department. He is the coordinator for the Governor’s Office Traffic Safety Bureau here in Blue Grass. He has been with us since July 2nd, 2012. He continually looks for ways to work with the citizens of Blue Grass through his many fundraisers and special programs such as Shop with a Cop. He works very hard to partner up with, and educate the citizens and the children of Blue Grass through various programs and the Police Department Facebook page.


Officer Bob Guinn: 

Officer Guinn comes to us as a prior patrol sergeant from Cordova Illinois who most recently worked at the Wilton Iowa Police Department. Among various police departments in Rock Island County, he began his interest in law enforcement when he was hired with the Milan Illinois Police Auxillary in 1994. He left as a Corporal in 1999. He left the Auxillary to work as a police officer in Annawan Illinois. His carrer led him to work at many other police departments to include Carbon Cliff Illinois Police Department, Cordova Illinois Police Department, Hillsdale Illinois Police Department, Wilton Iowa Police Department. He also worked as the Parks Ambassador for the City of Davenport until he was hired on with Blue Grass Police Department. Officer Guinn has served as a police officer for total of 15 years.  

Officer Guinn started with the Blue Grass Police Department on July 1st, 2015 as a part time police officer. On October 17th, 2016 Officer Guinn was promoted to a full-time status.

Besides the many patrol functions of a police officer, Officer Guinn specializes in crimes against children and has received dedicated training in missing and exploited children investigations. Officer Guinn’s dedication to serving the people of Blue Grass and the mission of the police department continues to be his top priority.


Officer Kurt Blackburn: 

Officer Blackburn is a U.S. Army Veteran who comes to us from the Davenport Fire Department. He has been a firefighter for 15 years and he currently holds the rank of Lieutenant at the fire department.

Officer Blackburn was hired as a part time police officer for the City of Blue Grass on July 1st, 2015. He specializes in arson investigations. He received his peace officer certification through the arson investigator certification process.

Officer Blackburn is a valuable team member of the Blue Grass Police Department. His patrol and investigative techniques are well received by the public. He is ever ready to serve the citizens of Blue Grass whenever he is called upon.


Officer Andrew Roberts:

Officer Roberts comes to us from the Muscatine Police Department. His field of study right now is focused on drug interdiction traffic stops and violations involving drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Officer Roberts holds a Bachelors degree in sociology and criminal justice from Iowa State University.

Officer Roberts has been employed with the Blue Grass Police Department since December of 2016. He is committed to excellence in his service to the citizens of Blue Grass. 





Officer Shawn Sullivan:

Officer Sullivan comes to us from the Davenport Police Department. He has been an officer for 13 years. He was sworn in to serve for the Blue Grass Police Department on December 6, 2017. 

He comes to us highly trained in tactical field operations and in drug interdiction traffic stops. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Ambrose and was on the Dean's List for academic achievement. He also as an Associates Degree from Scott Community College in Liberal Arts.






Officer Doug Adams:

Officer Adams comes to us from the Davenport and Buffalo Police Department. He has served as a police officer for eight years. He comes to us highly trained in tactical field techniques such as shield deployment and S.W.A.T. operations. He also is versed in the skill of interview and interrogation techniques.

Officer Adams holds a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology from the Western Illinois University. He was hired with the City of Blue Grass on March 15, 2018.

Officer Adams is always looking forward to meeting new people while working proactively with the citizens of our community. 


Officer Andrew Weingart: 

Officer Weingart comes to us from the Davenport Police Department. He was sworn in as a Blue Grass Officer on March 19, 2018. He also works full-time as a Juvenile Court Liason for troubled youth at the Keystone Academy in Davenport.

Officer Weingart's experience in working with juveniles provides a great service to our team, as we are always looking for ways to work with the young citizens of Blue Grass while providing effective leadership and ensuring quality services.  
















Scott County Regional Authority awards the Blue Grass Police Department $25,000.00 to purchase a New SUV:

The City of Blue Grass and the Blue Grass Police Department would like to recognize the Scott County Regional Authority for thier support.  The Scott County Regional Authority awarded the City of Blue Grass Police Department $25,000.00 toward the purchase of a 2014 Chevy Tahoe Law Enforcement Vehicle.  Thank you Scott County Regional Authority for your continued support.

Scott County Regional Authority awards the Blue Grass Police Department $7,933.00 to purchase bullet-proof vests,

body cameras and radios:

Great News!  The Scott County Regional Authority awarded the Blue Grass Police Department $7,933.00 in grant monies to purchase bullet-proof vests, body camera and radios for the City’s Police Department.   “Public safety” is a number-one priority and with the help of the SCRA, Blue Grass Police Officer’s will have updated bullet-proof vests and be equipped with a body camera.  The radios are part of the City’s disaster planning and will assist if and when a disaster strikes.  Thank you Scott County Regional Authority for your continued support.