Testing of Weather Sirens:

Attention Residents:  the Scott County Emergency Dispatch Center will sound the emergency sirens (located at the Public Safety Building and the old Fire Station) at 10:00 a.m. the first Tuesday of each month. 

This is for testing purposes only. 


12.18.010    No person or persons shall discharge grass clippings and/or any other type of debris onto a City Street, Alley, sidewalk, ditch or public ground.  Property owners found to be in violation shall be issued a Municipal Infraction subject to a fine of $25.00 for the 1st offense, $50.00 for a 2nd offense and $75.00 for a 3rd and subsequent offense. 



The City’s “snow removal policy” will go into effect immediately after the accumulation of two or more inches of snow or ice on the traffic surface of any street in the City or immediately upon the declaration of a snow emergency, and shall remain in effect upon said streets until such time the City has completed their snow clearance operations or until the accumulation of snow or ice dissipates to an amount less than two inches.  It is unlawful for any person to park or permit parking of any vehicle upon any street in the City when conditions of snow or ice exist in accumulation of two or more inches, whether due to snowfall, sleet, drifting or when a snow emergency has been declared by the Mayor.

   Any vehicle located or parked upon any street shall be removed from said street by the direction of the Police Chief without further notice to the vehicle’s owner.  Removal and storage shall be at the expense of the owner of said vehicle and the vehicle shall not be released to its owner except upon payment of all towing and storage charges.

Home Occupation License

“Home occupation” is an occupation or activity incidental to residential use, when carried on in the main building by one member of the immediate family residing on the premises.  If you are operating a business from your residence and you are located within a residential district you must apply for a “Home Occupation” license with the City. 

           Peddler Permits

The City requires all peddlers to apply for a permit at City Hall.  If a peddler comes to your residence, they should have a permit issued by the City.  If they do not have a City permit, report the peddler to the B.G. Police Dept. at 381-1485. 

Chapter 8.20

Maintaining Private Property and Boulevard

(While the City tries to keep residents informed of any changes, deletions, amendments, etc. to the Municipal Code, here is a brief synopsis of a new amendment that became in effect on 9/10/14 )  All property owners shall maintain their property and the abutting boulevard according to the following standards:

A. In developed areas and other areas which lie within one hundred feet of a developed area or urban street, except for those areas otherwise hereinafter regulated, all weeds, vines, brush, and other troublesome growth shall be cut or destroyed to a height comparable to or lower than the groundcover in the surrounding area. However, under no circumstances shall the troublesome growth exceed seven inches in height.

B. In areas of forest cover all weeds, vines, brush, and other troublesome growth between the established tree line and the abutting developed area or urban street shall be cut or destroyed to a height comparable to or lower than the groundcover in the surrounding developed area. However, under no circumstances shall the troublesome growth exceed seven inches in height.

C. All weeds, vines, brush, and other troublesome growth which occurs within the public right-of-way of an urban street, including any drainage ditch located therein, shall be cut or destroyed when such growth exceeds seven inches in height.

The City shall publish such notice each year in the Quad-City Times, stating that residents must maintain their property and boulevard to a height that does not exceed seven inches, or the City shall cause the work to be done and the costs, including any administrative fees, shall be paid by the property owner.  

Anyone violating the provisions shall be guilty of a municipal infraction and assessed the following:  First Offense:  $50.00; Second Offense:  $100.00 and Subsequent Offense:  $150.00.  In addition to the penalty, the City may seek equitable relief or take other abatement actions.  Each day a violation exists shall constitute a separate offense.

The City Clerk shall send, by first-class mail, an invoice of the total costs of the abatement that is due and payable within 60-days.  If the property owner fails to pay the invoice within the 60-days, the City Clerk shall assess the unpaid amount against the property in the manner provided by law.

 “Nuisance Abatement Letters

Nuisances are defined as:  whatever is injurious to the senses or an obstruction to the free use of property so as essentially to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property. 

Whenever the Mayor, or such other officer as provided by law, finds that a nuisance exists, he shall cause to be served upon the owner, agent, or occupant of the property on which the nuisance is located, or upon the person causing or maintaining the nuisance, a written notice to abate or to request a hearing as provided in §8.04.070.  The notice to abate shall be served by the Chief of Police, where practical, upon the named person in the manner provided by law for the personal service of original notices.  Return of service shall be made as provided by law for returns of personal service. If the person so notified neglects or fails to abate the nuisance as directed, the Mayor or other officer initiating the notice may cause the nuisance to be abated by the City.  The public works director shall keep an accurate account of the expense incurred.  The expense account shall be fully itemized, verified and filed with the clerk-financial officer, and presented to the City Council for approval. 

Please help us keep Blue Grass clean!


Attention all residents and business owners: According to the Blue Grass Municipal Code, all residents and business owners are responsible for maintaining tree limbs.  All tree limbs are to be 8’ above the surface of any public sidewalk or street.  If you do not comply, a nuisance letter will be sent advising you to comply.