Please be advised that while City of Blue Grass respects the rights of its citizens to exercise their freedom of speech regarding the issue of a proposed West Scott School, the City of Blue Grass takes no official position, neither for or against the proposed school, and will not provide any official comments on this issue.

The City of Blue Grass has maintained a longstanding, warm relationship with the Blue Grass Elementary School and the Davenport Community School District. The City of Blue Grass has been and will continue to be supportive of the Blue Grass Elementary School and the decisions of the Davenport Community School Board. The City of Blue Grass hopes and expects that any decisions regarding school closures only be made after a thorough review and analysis of the factors involved and not be based solely on the statements of a group of private citizens wishing to create their own school district. The City of Blue Grass is willing to meet and engage in meaningful  dialogue with the Davenport Community School Board as it moves forward with this process.

Hello and welcome to the City of Blue Grass' website!  Our website is designed to allow you easy access to our elected officials, City staff, various departments, meeting agendas, etc.  

If you're already a part of our community, thank you.  If you're considering relocating your home or business to Blue Grass, or just simply visiting, please do so as you won't be disappointed. 

Blue Grass is primarily a quiet rural community with a quality of life residents experience that doesn't happen by chance, it comes from the efforts of everyone working together.  We continually strive to make Blue Grass a friendly, caring community that offers quality schools, family values and a bright future.  Blue Grass' 2010 census data shows the City's population count at 1,452 and estimates the 2016 population count at 1,699.   

Just right off Highway 61, Blue Grass is centrally located just 10 miles from Davenport, Iowa and 18 miles from Muscatine, Iowa.  Interstate 80 is 9 miles from Blue Grass; with Interstate 280 being 5 miles.  The Quad-City International Airport is just located 14 miles from Blue Grass; with Des Moines being 160 miles and Chicago, IL being 185 miles.

Blue Grass has all the big City services your family or business needs to feel safe and secure.  A medical clinic that offers family or business several health services.  A volunteer Fire Department, complete with a full staff of certified EMT's, a friendly local Police Department that offers police protection.  Medic EMS is available 24/7.  We are a local City Government that continually looks out for the best interest of its City residents and businesses and are always eager to invite visitors or prospective new businesses or residents to their town.

Blue Grass is a community that the residents are proud to call "home".  Consider Blue Grass your next home and or business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page, we hope that you find it very informative and welcoming.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call City Hall at (563) 381-4700, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.