Blue Grass Volunteer Fire Department

"Proud to Serve.  Serve to be Proud."

Blue Grass Volunteer Fire Department
606 W. Mayne Street
Blue Grass, IA 52726

Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 1-563-381-1234
Fax: 1-563-381-4652

The volunteer fire department total roster as of 07-01-10

Blue Grass Fire Department Roster "2020"

Brian Seamer, Chief - 20 years of service
Brad Schutte, Assistant Chief - 15 years of service
Jon Grunder, Captain - 22 years of service

Scott Powell, Captain, 20 years of service
Bob Downing, Captain - 15 years of service
Eric Morrison, Captain - 10 years of service
Jason Verschoore, Captain - 15 years of service
Chad Lofgren - Lieutenant - 12 years of service
Jake Freeman, Lieutenant - 11 years of service
Brandon Schadt - Lieutenant - 11 years of service
Spencer Ripperger - Lieutenant - 9 years of service
Lee Schmidt, Firefighter - 15 years of service
Justin Kinzer, Firefighter - 9 years of service
Sean Frantz, Firefighter - 6 years of service
CJ Downing, Firefighter - 5 years of service
Russ Johnson, Firefighter - 3 years of service
Greg Harrison, Firefighter - 3 years of service

Kyle Davis, Firefighter 
Spencer Werthmannn, Firefighter  
Jeff Oswald, Firefighter  

Courtney Oswald, Firefighter

Fire Department Services






BGFD responds to fire, EMS, HAZ MAT and rescue calls. Calls average between 300 per year.       

Approximately 65% are EMS calls.

BGFD is now working out of a state of the art building that houses 7 pieces of equipment, 3 pumpers      (750 gpm, 1,250 gpm and 1,500 gpm), 2 tankers with 500 gpm pto pumps (1,500 gal. and 3,000 gal. capacity), a brush truck, a rescue truck and a command vehicle.  Rescue equipment includes the           Jaws of Life, shears, cutting shears, rams, air bags and numerous other items to perform heavy duty rescue.  The Department also carries an AED in each truck and all medically qualified personnel are qualified in their operation.  All members are certified in CPR.

BGFD serves a 50-square mile area with approximately 1650 residences. This includes a 300+ trailer park and numerous housing additions outside the city limits.  If the BGFD responded to a call that required all trucks they could respond with approximately 7,000 gallons of water.

BGFD has one training and one business meeting per month.  It conducts most of its training in-house.  All new personnel are required to acquire  their fire fighter I training within their first year on the Department.

BGFD belongs to the Scott County Fire Chief’s Association, Scott County EMS Association, Iowa Firemen’s Association, Iowa Association of Arson Investigators and the Iowa Chief’s Association.